Online Workshop.

Thurs 25th Nov, 4-6pm

Join us for an extraordinary 2 hour workshop that will leave you feeling motivated, energised and ready to take creative action! This session will have you design the future that you really want, as well as discovering the first steps to take, in making that future a reality.

These workshops can have a huge impact on your creative practice and productivity, as well as giving you the opportunity to connect like minded creatives and get a taste of the full Make Happen programme. If you are not enjoying the workshop after 5minutes you are welcome to leave.

Reasons you'll be happy you came:

  • Fall back in love with your practice.
  • Get a huge boost of enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Establish a clear vision for your creativity.
  • Meet open-minded people like you that share similar challenges.

The whole Make Happen programme was such an amazing experience... I got to meet a lot of people who were going through the same things I was going through.

- Tyron

I've made genuine progress and I now have a script....The programme really helps you reframe the way you feel about your work... I've never written more consistently in my life!

- Kyiah

I've been a chrysalis for many years, now I'm starting to fly... I'm losing my anxiety and I've now got an exhibition of my work! 

- Carol