As an artist/creative you will be freer to make, share and sell your work.

We will get you clear on what you want.  Support you in taking the action you need to take in order to get it.  And ensure you are comfortable sharing and selling yourself in the ways you would like to.

We do this through our YouTube channel, our FREE BOOK, Free workshops and our extraordinary 12 week programme.  

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Digital Workbook 

At over 150 pages this book is the complete Make Happen Method in a book.  That's right, everything you need to know to transform your creative success!

We promise you, if you do the work, it will have a real impact on your creative life and work.

Currently available as a FREE  digital download.  Printed version coming soon.



2 Hour Live Workshop

Take the first steps in bringing your creative endeavour to life, meet likeminded creatives and experience the Make_Happen programme (see below for more information) in action.

This 2 hour introductory session is for creatives at every level, no matter what your endeavour and will support you in taking the first steps to achieving your creative goals.




This unique workbook-diary is designed to support you in achieving your creatives goals and wants over a 12 week period. Includes a FREE online course!  

  • Simple framework for your creative endeavours
  • Clear your brain space to increase clarity and impact
  • Stop you feeling overwhelmed by your creative endeavours

The MAKE_HAPPEN New Year's Revolution Jan 2022

The New Year's Revolution - is an exciting special edition of our Full Make Happen programme 12 week, live, online programme which will have you creating more, finishing more, and being more 'out there' as a creative in 2022.

This totally unique programme will TRANSFORM your practice and the extent to which you are flourishing with your endeavours.  

START DATE: Thurs 20th Jan 2022. 
Weekly for 12 weeks.
+ 2 x 30 mins early morning productivity huddles.

*Instalment plan and bursaries available.


This full programme combines all THREE CORE PRINCIPLES of the Make_Happen method.


Getting clear on what you want and how you might get it.  And, importantly, putting past failures back in the past where they belong.

Once you're clear on what you want, we look at the nitty gritty of getting things done.  Putting an end to indecision and procrastination.  Making ourselves more accountable and delivering on promises to ourself.

In this final section we look at how to engage with the world, share our work with new found confidence.  Get clear who our audience is and how we will engage with them.

Find out more about these and the whole process by DOWNLOADING OUR FREE BOOK - which contains the entire curriculum (chock full of worksheets and exercises).


  • Put the past in the past.
  • Establish a clear vision for your practice.
  • Be more productive.
  • Ensure 2022 is a year of impact for your work and life.
  • Be less concerned about the judgments of others.
  • Be freer to act, share and sell yourself as an artist.
  • Build the confidence to be more 'out there'.
We have just 50 places available.





Get 'Discomfortable'

Fundamental to the Make Happen method is the notion of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable... we call it 'discomfortable'.  Many of the things we need to do, involve us getting discomfortable.

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Being Out There

At Make_Happen we believe the act of being out there, promoting your work, is a fundamental part of the job of an artist/creative.  Accepting this can really improve the ways in which we succeed.

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There's no 'right' way.

In the Make Happen method you won't find a long list of 'tips and tricks'. We don't prescribe a particularly way to do things.  Rather, we uncover, the ways that will work for you. 

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Olivia, Actor

“I love the community, the support from like minded creatives is truly wonderful.”

Rachel, Writer/Producer

“I have personally found it stimulating. and have enjoyed the sessions.” 

Izzie, Musician/Filmmaker

“It’s helped me rethink my approach to my creativity and separate the joy aspect of creating from the hard work aspect”

Katy, Artist/Illustrator

“It’s great to have a framework of accountability."

Autumn, Artist/Designer

“The Make_Happen course has been mind blowing!”

Tyron, Filmmaker

“The whole Make Happen program has been such an amazing experience”